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Rofomex Chemical Processing Barge


Roca Fosforica Mexicana

Project Location:

Santa Domingo, Mexico

Project Scope:

Structural Engineering & Construction Engineering of the concrete barge

Project Details:

260 ft. long x 110 ft. wide x 24 ft. deep barge constructed at Robin Shipyard in Singapore, towed 10,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean to Baja, California and outfitted for use as a floating platform to support a phosphate processing plant.


Platform was required to be in continuous, uninterrupted service for 80 years without dry-docking for maintenance.


Because steel barges need frequent dry-docking and have a typical lifespan of 25 years, a precast concrete solution was sought. Alfred Yee’s patented prestressed concrete Honeycomb System was chosen for its extremely high structural strength and rigidity utilizing the minimum amount of concrete, reinforcing steel and prestressed steel.


In 1980, the Rofomex I was launched as the first vessel utilizing the Honeycomb System.